AG Field Trial Club Report

Amateur Derby started the trial off on Saturday March 3, 2018 at 8am in Glenwood, Georgia. There were six entries who all finished nice runs. Third place went to an English setter male named kilo owned and handled by Jim Broadnax. He ran in the first brace against the English pointer female who won second. Chelsie Conroy ran and owns the bitch named Millie. It was a competitive race with the female having 3 nice finds, while the setter and Broadnax had 2. The winning dog was Kentucky Sundown, a pointer female, owned and handled by Chelsie Conroy who also had 3 finds but had a better handle than Conroy’s other bitch making the judges jobs easy to place her first.

The Amateur Shooting Dog started the first of four braces before breaking for lunch. Barbeque sandwiches and potato salad were just what the competitors, judges, and spectators needed to top off the great start of the trial. Once everyone was fed they headed to the breakaway to start the next brace. The third-place dog, Tall River’s Chico, handled by Payton Gunby and owned by Darrell Gunby were in the second brace along with the second-place dog, Outlaw Secret agent, owned and handled by Dr. Jim Crook of Alabama. Both these pointer males were big runners and it came down to the amount of finds with Crook having 3 and Gunby with 2. The winning dog was Burning Edge Hard Knox handled by Chelsie Conroy and owned by Karen Conroy. The pointer male had 3 finds and made it look easy. Everyone could agree he deserved the blue.

After the winners of the Amateur stakes were announced it was decided to start the Open Puppy Saturday afternoon since everyone was present and agreed it would work better to have the trial finish on Sunday at a good time. There were 7 dogs entered. The first brace had the third-place dog, Larry’s Creek Beau, handled by Payton Gunby and owned by Darrell Gunby. The big pointer male enjoyed himself and had some semi steady finds on birds left out on the course. His litter mate, BFE’s Amy, owned and handled by Mark Wyatt took second place. The pointer female ran nicely for her rookie handler that fell in the middle of a find she had and stayed steady while the judges kept straight faces many in the gallery were laughing. The first-place dog, Big creek Kodak, a male setter owned and handled by Jim Broadnax ran a beautiful race.

Sunday morning started off with the Open Derby that had 10 entries. Third place went to, Tug hill Pacesetter, an English setter male handled and owned by Thomas Pastula. They had 3 finds along with his second-place setter male dog, Big Ridge Jim, who Pastula owns and handled. First went to Home Cookin Ellie Mae, who’s an English pointer female owned and handled by Karl Forsberg. She had 2 finds and very nice ground work.

After hot dogs and hamburgers, the Open shooting dog kicked off with 7 entries. All placements were taken by Jr Thomas of Leesburg, Ga. His third-place dog was Northwoods Manhattan, a pointer male owned by James Edenfield. The dog had one find in the last brace and was able to finish the race which was all he had to do after the other competitors picked up their dogs besides the obvious two other dogs that placed ahead. The second-place dog, Piney Run Chalk, a pointer male who had 3 finds and was looking like the winner after they competed in the second brace. Until the third brace a setter male named Woodways Tomoka’s Smoke, owned by Eryn, Colleen, & James Pearson, completed his course “smoking” his competition with 4 finds that he hunted his heart out for. All in all, the trial was a success and good times were had at this new field trial club that’s made improvements to the course since last year and plans to continue to do more to accommodate all its competitors for the future.

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