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Nominated Litters

34th NBHA Futurity - 34th NBHA Futurity

Eligible Dogs : December 31 2017 - November 30 2018

Litters born after January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.
Dogs from nominated litters are eligible to run in the 34th NBHA Futurity in the spring of 2020.
Dogs are also eligible to run in the 32nd Jerry D Kilgore Puppy Classic in the spring of 2019.

Litter Number 34-ES-01
Sire Carpenter's Blue Hawk
Dam Milomix Ridley
Whelped Date January 3 2018

Litter Number 34-EP-01
Sire C J Sniper
Dam Outlaw Momma Grizzly
Whelped Date January 7 2018

Litter Number 34-EP-02
Sire Pack'in A Punch
Dam Peach Twist
Whelped Date January 2 2018

Litter Number 34-ES-02
Sire Erin's Hidden Shamrock
Dam JoJo's Sky Hawk Sadie
Whelped Date January 22 2018

Litter Number 34-IS-1
Sire Zansett's Simply Red
Dam Foxy's Little Red Missy
Whelped Date March 29 2018

Litter Number 34-ES-03
Sire Attitude's True Grit
Dam Forstar Dirty Dancer
Whelped Date February 26 2018

Litter Number 34-ES-04
Sire Milomix Orb
Dam Milomix Bee
Whelped Date April 17 2018

Litter Number 34-EP-3
Sire Bud of Pineywoods
Dam Blue Ribbon Bella
Whelped Date April 15 2018

Litter Number 34-EP-4
Sire Hammerin Quintin
Dam Lumpy's Dot
Whelped Date January 23 2018

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