2020-2021 Futurity and Puppy Classic results

This year's 35th NBHA Futurity was held at Robert E. Talbot Conservation area near Mount Vernon, MO. We drew 16 entries from as far away as New Jersey, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. We started Friday February 26th at 8:00 am. The weather was perfect for handler and dogs. Our judges would be Tim Penn from Edina, MO and Andy Neria from Savonburg, KS. These judges were picked for their open-minded views. There's a lot of things for these gentlemen to look at.
With 8 braces running in the morning we would finish by 1:30 then go in for lunch. With plenty for the judges to discuss we would take our time and eat lunch, have a few drawings, give some great gifts and raffle items away.
Our call backs would be KC Chiefs Royals, Blair's Calvary Mountain, Bitterark's Top Dollar, Two Seamer, Jimfork's Hawkeye Buck, Brooks White Hot Blaze. Standby dogs were Chippewas Grindstone, and Travis Cruisin Rocky Country.
Our first brace would be released at 1:35 with Bob Lais and PM KC Chiefs Royals and Tom Waite's PM Blair's Calvary Mountain. Chiefs Royals and Calvary Mountain were off in a flash through the first gate. Chief took the east side and Calvary Mountain the west. Both dogs looking great on the edge. They would continue taking the edge and hitting the open prairie's where they would show their ability to hunt and future potential as Shooting Dogs. We hit the road crossing at 2:02 which was at the 27-minute mark. They continued to handle through the tighter part of the course and reach the dove fields. Chief would be the first to stand but Bob could not produce a bird. He pointed a second time at 2:29 and the bird was produced. Calvary Mountain would continue doing an outstanding job hitting the likely spots and looking classy doing it. Calvary Mountain was seen standing in the thicket and Tom flushed a pair of bobs. All was in order for this classy pointer. Both dogs finished the hour.
The second brace released at 2:52. Frank Schoenborn's PM Bitterark's Top Dollar and Colby Tackett with his PM Two Seamer. This brace was a race to the birds with both dogs getting around the course looking great. These two showed their skills stretching out on the prairie and hunting the cover. Two Seamer would have a find 3:49. The flushing could not produce a bird, so Colby had to relocate his dog. The stylish pointer took a couple steps and froze. Colby picked up a hawk kill to show the judges. Top Dollar was pointing at 3:50 With a relocation done perfectly, Frank put the bird in the air. Both dogs finished the hour.
Brace number three was released at 4:05. The last two dogs of the callbacks. Jimfork's Hawkeye Buck PM was handled by Kenny Snow. Brooks White Hot Blaze ISM was handled by Tom Waite. This brace was the same as the others. We had to classy dogs running and hunting the edges and hitting the likely bird spots. Hawkeye Buck was found pointing for Kenny 37 minutes in. Kenny worked the ground over but could not put a bird in the air. At 48 minutes Buck was standing again and needed a relocation and this time produced a bird. White Hot Blaze was doing everything right but was unable to point a bird for handler Tom. Both dogs finished the hour strong.
Congratulations to the placements of this year's 35th Annual Futurity. This year's winner was Blair's Calvary Mountain - Miller Speed Dial x Lester's Wild Sally. Owner Greg Blair, handler Tom Waite, scout Andrea Wood Ward and breeder Derek Bonner. Second place went to Jimfork's Hawkeye Buck - Jimfork's Sunny Hill Jack x Jimfork's Katie Hawk. Owner/handler Kenny Snow, scout Jerry Snow and breeder Glenn Cumbie. Third place was Bitterark's Top Dollar - Ninnescah Trumpeter x Bye Bye GG. Owner/handler Frank Schoenborn, scout Bob Lais and breeder Robert Lais. Rounding out the placements was KC Chiefs Royals - Ninnescah Trumpeter X Bye Bye GG. Owner/handler Bob Lais, scout Frank Schoenborn and breeder Robert Lais.
The Jerry Kilgore Puppy Classic was super tough for this year's judges Bob Lais and Frank Schoenborn both from Wichita, KS. They had a ton of puppies that could win on any given day weekend or classics. We lost a few of the females because of them starting their heat cycles. The puppy started on Friday afternoon after the qualifying of the Futurity. We were able to get four braces in that afternoon. Saturday morning would complete the puppy class running the remaining braces.
We had people from everywhere and were happy with the competition. These were some of the finest puppies in the country. It didn't take the judges long to figure out at the end of this class because they discussed between each brace and kept the dogs in order. They took their jobs serious and were very professional.
This year's winners were first place Warjam's Big Mac Daddy - Boumeester Duramax x Oday Nation. Owner/handler James Corpening, scout Emmet Sasser and breeder Justin Martin. Second place Indian Creek Sprout - Indian Creek Perfect Storm x Indian Creek Ramona. Owner Jillian Stuhr, handler Garry Malzone, scout Jillian Stuhr and breeder Jillian Stuhr. Third place Southland's Johnny Ringo - Hirollins Gone and Doneit x Mohill's Caroline Robin. Owner/handler Karl Forsberg, scout Emmet Sasser and breeder John Everett. Fourth place Reeds Super Spirit - Valiant X Reeds Winter Spirit. Owner/handler/breeder Jason Super. Congratulations to this year's winners and all that competed.
In closing we really need to thank everyone that nominated their litters this year and last. This trial cannot survive without the support of our sponsors, judges, volunteers, and litter nominations. Thank you for bringing your friends and family to this event. Thank you, Mr. Tim Penn, NBHA Secretary, for the extra work making sure dogs were qualified for the championships. UTV usage was supplied by Kevin Western, Jack Glover and James Ogle. Lunches were prepared and served by Kevin Western, Kristi Ogle and Ivy Crook. Dog wagon James Ogle, Ivy Crook and Kristi Ogle. Judges Tim Penn, Andy Neria, Bob Lais, and Frank Schoenborn. Handlers dinner fish fry James Ogle Kristi Ogle. The volunteer auctioneer was Mr. Bill Nance from Nance Auction Service. Many items, cash or services were donated by this list of business and/or individuals Jimfork's Kennels, Tim Penn, Wright Kennels, Carl Owens, Smith Gundogs, Diamond L Kennel, Westfork kennel, KC's Kennels, Gundog Central, Open Range Kennels, Seyberts Bird Barn, Dean Lord Gun Dog Supply, GSP Club of Central Iowa, Hill Country Fabrications & Kennels, Tegridy Kennels, Mule Brand Gear and Apparel, Outcast Kennels, Bluegrass Walking Shooting Dog Club, Indian Creek Kennels, Flint River Kennels, Missouri Bird Hunters, Woods Kennels and Fair Chase Hunt Club, Buddy Smith, Ensz & Jester, Dr. Brent Hoehns, Bill Nance, Ken Sauer, Garmin, Purina Pro Plan, Black Meadow Kennels, Saddle Guy, Glenn Cumbie, Dale Creek Gundogs, Greg Blair, Indian Creek Hunting Preserve, Snow's Gun Dogs, Powerhouse Kennels, Crooks Creations, Jojo's English Setters, Jim and Kristi Ogle.
From Christian Ogle - As the new Futurity director, I was disappointed that we had to cancel the February dates at Grovespring, MO, but trust me when I say it was the absolute best decision we could have possibly made. The safety of all judges, participants, dogs, and horses were considered. For any inconvenience this caused anyone I'm are very sorry. We were hoping for a large draw, but due to uncontrollable circumstances this year's drawing was somewhat light for my expectations. As information was gathered, come to find out we were short on derbies throughout the season, and across the country. The corona virus was still hanging around, and this was the first year back in Southern Missouri. For most of our participants they felt this program will reach more people next season as we are more centrally located. Litter nominations are coming in every week, so we are looking strong for next season. Keep them coming!
We are so thankful for the National Bird Hunters Association and our sponsors. We will start with our biggest, going above and beyond is Purina. Purina Pro Plan starts every year with coupons for our weekend trials and ends the seasons with these championships by giving a ton of dog food away to our winners. Garmin gives our champions collars which are supper nice. Gundog Supply gives us coupons for our weekends and continues with our championships. Gundog Central takes care of websites throughout the year including all our nominated litters, dogs, handlers, and don't forget DOY points. Mule Brand Clothing thank you for the gift certificates for our champions.

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