NBHA Companion Stakes & Region 7 Amateur WSD Ch.

Region 7 AFTCA Walking Shooting Dog Championship & NBHA Companion Walking Stakes
February 24th & 25th, 2023

There are a lot of people to thank for this event being a success. We have to start out with our Judge’s Tony Miller of Endeavor Kennels Trenton, TX and Matthew Rafferty of Joaquin, TX for their two long days in the saddle. Thanks to Larry Seybert Sr. for driving the dog wagon and planting birds. The USFS plays a huge roll in North Texas field trials allowing us to utilize the LBJ Grasslands for field trials such as these events.
The list of sponsors that deserver special recognition are Park Cities Quail Coalition for their financial support and believing in us to bringing like people together to spend more time with their dogs in the field with plenty birds. The lunch on Friday was King Ranch Chicken Casserole prepared by Ken Sauer and Saturday was a wonderful brisket(s) and provided by Jay Stine. Additional fixings of baked beans and potato salad were also served. We all did eat well. All of this food was set up and served by Melissa Sauer. She’s a dream in my life. Jackets were purchased from Mule Brand Clothing (NBHA Sponsor) for the Judges and Yeti NBHA custom tumblers from Alyssa Rowan. We have to also thank all the NBHA Sponsors for their continuing support of NBHA events. Purina donates dog food coupons & Gun Dog Supply gift certificates for the winners and workers.

Region 7 WSD Championship – February 24th, 2023

Brace #1 –
Wiggin’s Super Sin – “Trixie” – Jason Super O/H (PF) : Touch’s Mac Daddy – “Mac” – Klaus Schmidt O/H (PM) – Mac’s first find came at 23 with Trixie coming in for a back. Mac was picked up at 39 for a few too many steps on a find moving a bird. Trixie scored another find at 43 but some of her style seemed to be missing. She scored another find at 49 with a relocation and a pair of birds were produced similar style.

Brace #2 –
Touch’s Micro Dot – “Dot” – Sonny Clark Owner & Klaus Schmidt Handler (PF) : KC’s Tye Oneon – “Tye” – Ken Sauer O/H (PM) –
Tye had an unproductive at 7. Bird planter said he moved the birds when replacing the pair. Feathers were produced by handler. Dot scored a find at 10 all in order. Tye had a stand at 27. Dot scored again at 30 with Tye backing. Tye had a find at 39 with all in order. At 49 Tye scored once again with Dot backing him once again. At 56 Judge’s saw Dot where she faild to stand on stop to flush. She didn’t chase just failed to stop. Both of these dogs were something to watch.

Brace #3
Rendrag’s Lucy Jade – “Jade” – Weldon Gardner O/H (GSP-F) : Reed’s Super Spirit – “Isla” – Jason Super O/H (PF) –
Isla scored at 17 for handler Super and at 25 suffered an unproductive, Jade scored a find at 29. Jade was found at 35 standing in the trees deep in the cover after missing for a short period. Isla stood at 45 and only thing produced was a bird the hawks had beaten her to. All was in order. Jade had her final find at 55 her too all in order.

Brace #4
Erin’s Gypsy Lady – “Maria” – Matther Puckett O/H (PF) : KC’s Guitar Man – “Zeke” – Ken Sauer O/H (PM) –
Zeke stared off with a nice race but a 23 he seemed to maybe have moved a bird and after handler couldn’t produce a bird handler elected to pick him up. Maria had a stand at 30 with handler on a relocation. Maria handled this well. At 45 Maria suffered an unproductive. At 52 with wind at her back had a stop to flush and handled this to perfection. Handler did not see the bird flush and was told by Judge. Maria was easy to watch and nice on the eyes. Judge’s indicated she was in consideration.

Brace #5
Piper – “Piper” – Weldon Gardner O/H (GSP-F) : Wheat’s Choo Choo – “Choo” – Joshua Wheat O/H (PM) –
Choo was picked up at 23 when he failed to be steady to wing & shot. At 23 Piper was pointing the same bird and found down near the pond. Piper scored at 28, 29, & again at 43. She ran a nice race and covered lots of the countryside. Weldon has done a really nice job with her and was the winner of the 2021 Region 7 WSD Ch. coming back to defend her title.

Brace #6
Erin’s Lone Star Attutude – “Major” – Matthew Puckett O/H (PM) : Touch’s Maggie Mae – “Maggie” – Klause Schmitt O/H (PF) –
Major started off with guns a blazing. Seemed to be handling a little rough for handler. Handler elected to pick him up at 35 without any bird work. Maggie ran a really nice shooting dog race and scored with bird work at 25. Handling nice for her owner she scored again at 45 finishing the hour to the front.

2023 Region 7 Walking Shooting Dog Champion and R/U Champion were named. Champion – KC’s Tye Oneon (aka. Tye) Ken Sauer Owner & Handler from Texas and the Runner-Up Champion Magic Maggie Mae (aka Maggie) Klaus Schmidt from Kansas Owner & Handler.

NBHA Amateur Shooting Dog (Judgment Ceases @ Flush) – February 25th, 2023
These are companion stakes to the Championship. They are Nationally recognized by the NBHA for dog and handler of the year awards. The goal of these stakes are to interest “bird hunter’s and new comers to the sport of field trials. We drew 17 dogs with new faces and some returning. All clubs should consider this stake to expand our participation. They are tough to judge but there are some really nice dogs showing up at these events. Always have birds and show them a good time. I feel like mission was accomplished.
Brace #1 – Onyx – Colin Johnston (French Brittney) – Thor – Brandon McGill (GSP-M)
Thor had a find at 7 and was pretty steady with just a few steps. Thor scored again at 10. At 25 and 29 he suffered two unproductives. Nice job by Brandon for his first field trial. Onyx had three finds for Colin. The little Brittney did a nice job. Colin too came to this event for his first trial and did a nice job.

Brace #2 – Colt – Sammy Davidson – (Setter-M) : Jenny – Clay Erwin – (PF)
These two have been coming out to our events on a regular basis. Sammy’s Colt dog had the after burners on and was picked up early by handler. Jenny’s first find at 10 and was pretty steady. At 17 & 26 she scored again. She suffered an unproductive at 29 with plenty of gas left in her tank.

Brace #3 – Ace – Larry Seybert Sr. (GSP-M) : Hawk – Phillip Webster – (Setter-M)
These two men are not new to the game and we loved having them back. Ace scored five times for his handler. He posses nice speed and range. At 8 on Ace’s first find Hawk backed. Hawk was found standing at 10 with both dogs standing on different birds. Hawk had another find at 15. At 18 Ace had a stand with Hawk backing again. Ace had another find at 20. Ace 26 suffered an unproductive. Ace and Hawk at 29 had finds on different birds.

Brace #4 – John – Clay Erwin – (Setter-M) : Rock – Kevin Dixon – (Setter-M)
We were glad to see Kevin Dixon at our event(s). John got off with a good start with finds at 14, 18, & 26. At 11 Rock was found standing up front. He suffered an unproductive but on the last brace a bird was moved. He stood nicely on an extended flush. Rock topped the hill and was found standing again. With another extended flush Kevin elected to pick him up. Both dogs possessed range and speed.

Brace #5 – Allie – Larry Seybert Sr. – (GSP-F) : Cruze – Sammy Davidson – (Setter-M)
Cruze started off quick with a find at 8 and 11 and Allie backing on both occasions. Handler elected to pick up Allie at 13. Cruze wasn’t finishet yet with additional finds at 14 and 17. The Judge’s enjoyed the Cruze dog in their comments.

Brace #6 – Heidi – Brandon McGill – (GSP-F) : Tonto – Matthew Puckett – (Brittney)
Heidi was found standing at 8 right out of the gate. Tonto had a stand at 10 with Heidi backing. This turned into an unproductive for Tonto. Tonto had a stop to flush at 18 all in order. At 21 Heidi suffered an unproductive. Tonto had a find at 21. At 24 Heidi had a find. Tonto at 24 stood at different location but suffered his second unproductive. At 27 Heidi had a find with Tonto backing her. Tonto suffered his third unproductive at 29.

Brace #7 – Touch – Kevin Dixon – (PF) : Hunter – Brady Elmore – (Setter-M)
Early off Touch had a stop to flush and an unproductive at 4. Kevin elected to ask for his GPS at 18 with Touch running a huge race. Hunter had a find at 24 with all in order. Hunter suffered an unproductive at 27. Brady has made a lot of progress with this well bred Setter.

Brace #8 – Chico – Sammy Davidson – (Setter-M) : Ripley – Phillip Webster – (Setter-M)
Chico scored a find at 10. At 20 Chico had a stop to flush. Again at 26 Chico was found standing. At 28 Chico put the bird in the air. Ripley went the 30 minutes without any bird work.

Brace #9 – Girl – Kevin Dixon – (PF) – Bye Brace (no second dog)
Girl ran a nice race for not having a brace mate. She had finds at 10 & 24 minutes well spaced. We are happy to welcome Kevin Dixon and hope to see him more often.

1st Place – Ace – Larry Seybert Sr. GSP-M
2nd Place – Jenny – Clay Erwin PF
3rd Place – John – Clay Erwin - ESM

NBHA Amateur Derby

Brace #1 – Finley – Phillip Webster – (Setter-M) : Bullet – Cash Kristynik – (PM)
Finley had bird work at 5, 18, 24 minutes to derby standards. Bullet ran a nice race and had a stop to flush. Both dogs were pretty separated because of the bird work. We want to welcome Cash to field trials. He’s relatively new to our sport but really interested and competitive. Hope to see him often.

Brace #2 – Pat – Ken Sauer – (PF) : Sam – Sonny Clark – (PM)
Pat had a shooting dog broke find at 5. At 14 Sam was found standing all in order. At 14 and again 20 Pat was found standing. Shooting dog broke finds. Again at 25 she pointed at a creek with a pile of pheasant feathers from a hawk’s kill. Pat finished running big. We want to thank Sonny for his participation this weekend, he had some really nice dogs.

Brace #3 – Skip – Cash Kristynik – (PM) : Dutton – Phillip Webster – (PM)
Skip had a find at 5 but should have been a little more steady on this stand. Dutton had a find at 6. Skip had another find at 8. Dutton’s final find was at 13 minutes. Both dogs had nice range and style.

NBHA Amatuer Derby Placements:
1st Place – KC’s Dominator Pat “Pat” (PF) – Ken Sauer O/H
2nd Place – Webster’s Hawkmo Finley “Hawk” (SF) – Phillip Webster O/H
3rd Place – Webster’s Elhew Dutton “Dutton” – (PM) – Phillip Webster O/H

Again thank you to our sponsors, my wife for all her help, all the participants, and mostly our Judge’s!!!!

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