Delong Claims Amateur Invitational

The 2023-2024 National Bird Hunters Association National Amateur Invitational Champion is Brittany male K Del’s Eagle Magnum Hotshot owned and handled by Ken Delong.

The NBHA National Amateur Invitational Championship was held on December 1st at the Sportsman’s
Field Trial grounds near Grovespring, MO. The grounds were in excellent condition this year with milo
strips that bordered the edges throughout the course. This championship is a two-part series with the
first series running on Friday December 1. The final series “the callbacks” was run Sunday morning on
December 3rd . As part of this event a Handler dinner is served at the end of the first series to announce
the call back dogs that will make their final bid to win the Championship. Other activities such as a raffle
with various donated items are given out. To conclude the activities was a presentation of a portrait of
last year’s winner, Craig’s Runin Roxie for owner and handler Craig Hiatt.
This year’s event was hosted by the North Missouri Field Trial Association with the help of the Missouri
Bird Hunters. Helping out was Tim Penn, Joe Zimmer, Randy Zimmer, Jack Glover, and Kevin Western.
This is a hard-working bunch of guys that are willing to help out wherever is needed. This year’s judging
duties were capably handled by Tony King of Thompson MO and Adam DeLude of Campbellsport,
Wisconsin. These gentlemen gave their undivided attention to their job at hand, and we were lucky to
have them evaluate our dogs.
The National Bird Hunters Association is blessed to have such generous sponsors. Purina Pro Plan,
Garmin, Gun Dog Supply, On X Hunt, and Mule Brand Gear are valued and much appreciated sponsors.
Their participation and sponsorship of the NBHA is much appreciated.
Again, we would like to thank all our sponsors, the judges, helpers, and all our participants. It is the work
and participation of all that helps make up a great event. The participation and dedication by the good
folks that come to these trials make the future look great for the National Bird Hunters.

Initial series
The first brace of the championship had Faith’s Maximum Justice with handler Kenny Delong braced
with Chippewas Dog of War with Geoff Johnson as handler. This day started out fast and furious as
Chippewas Dog of War was gone to the front and was pushing the limits. Faith’s Maximum Justice was
found pointed and then was relocated prior to the road crossing; he suffered an unproductive at here at
20. At 25 Chippewas Dog of War had his only bird contact of the hour, he was again to the front. Faith’s
Maximum Justice had finds at 53 and 58 and finish his hour.
The second brace and KC's Guitar Man handled by Ken Sauer brace with Raintree Blue Moon handled by
Kathy Lewis. KC Guitar Man had finds at 12 and at 32 he was picked by this handler at 56. Raintree Blue
Moon first find came at 29, he backed KC’s Guitar Man at 32. At 48 Blue Moon had his final piece of bird
work with all in order. He finished the hour for handler Kathy Lewis.
The 3rd brace had K Del’s Eagle Magnum Hotshot with Kenny Delong as handler. Bracemate was Foxy
Lady Sadie with Mike Fox handling. Eagle Magnum Hotshot had finds at 8, 15, 18, and at 25 he suffered
an unproductive at 55 but finished the hour. Foxy Lady Sadie had a divided find at 15 and then after
being turned loose was lost the remainder of the brace ending her bid.

The 4th brace was Sol Fire Bend handled by William Langley, and Cates Rocket Girl handled by David
Cates. Sol Fire Bend was lost from the start, Cates Rocket Girl had a fine and was picked up at 55 due to
The 5th brace was Double D's Red Lancelot handled by Dan Draffen was braced with Fast Money
handled by Bud Moore. Double D's Red Lancelot was picked up shortly after his first find at 15. Fast
Money finished the hour with two finds for her handler Bud Moore.
The 6th brace had Baker Shining Star Duke handled by Mike Baker, was braced with Sulphur Ben
Firestone handled by William Langley. Duke had finds at 15 35 and 57 and finished the hour. Sulphur
Bend Firestorm had an unproductive at 30 and again at 45 and was picked up by handler.
The final series “the callbacks”
First brace, Faiths Maximum Justice was braced with Bakers Shining Star Duke
Second brace, Raintree Blue Moon braced with K Del’s Eagle Magnum Hotshot
Standby dogs were, Fast Money and Chippewas Dog of War
After the completion of the final series the Judges named K Del’s Eagle Magnum Hotshot a Britney male,
owned by Kenric Delong, Champion of the NBHA Amateur Invitational Championship. Hotshot finished
the hour with five finds, card one unproductive. He was to the front and competed with intensity
throughout showing what a champion should do. His four find performance in the first hour and a 5 find
performance in his final hour demonstrates the true measure of a of a champion. Congratulations to
Kenny Delong and special thanks to all our participants.

A humble extension of gratitude to both judges and all officials who labored and hosted this coveted event and to all the participants who made this competition a strong rendition.

All NBHA trials and championships are made possible through the sponsorship and involvement of all of our great sponsors in Purina Pro Plan, Gun Dog Supply, Gundog Central, Park Cities Quail, Garmin, Mule Brand Gear and Apparel, and onX Hunt.

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