Central Prairies FTC results

Pictured is, 1st Shooter with Ken DeLong, 2nd Joker with John Landolina and 3rd Diamond with Myah Landolina. Judges Brad Hargis and Rick Stanford.

On November 26, the Central Prairies FTC held their fall trial at the grounds in Orchardville. The
day before, the Mid South Bird Hunters held their trial in perfect weather. The 26th was very
different as we had light rain/misting until around 11am. Then the temperature dropped and
the wind picked up. With the rain, the birds got wet and did not fly very well. But we still had a
very good trial with good numbers drawn.

Again, we held the trial on private grounds on the Ellis Farm in Orchardville, Il. Our club is so
thankful that we are allowed to use these grounds. The grounds are as good as we run on in a
years time for 30 minute stakes. Judges for the day were Rick Stanford and Brad Hargis judging
the shooting dog stake, Brad Hargis and Rick Stanford judging the derby stake, Brad Hargis and
Ted Ellis judging the gun dog stake, and Frank Christie with his grandson Declan Wheat judging
the puppy stake. All stakes were amateur stakes. Thank you to all those judges who stepped
up and did a great job of judging each entry. Lunch was served around noon. It was prepared
by Jae Crunk along with her home made cookies.

Amt. Shooting Dog
Eleven dogs were drawn and we had scratches due to Craig Hiatt having some pain in his back
and Steven Feuss having issues when dogs being exposed to another dog at home with an
illness. The winner of this stake was Shooter a male Brittany handled by Ken DeLong. Shooter
probably had the best 30 minutes in this trial as he had 4 well placed finds. After each find,
when turned loose the judges would not see Shooter for a short time and find him in the next
field on point. I would also mention that on each flush, the wet birds would only flutter out
about three feet and sit down and on each flush, Shooter would stand solid for the shot. I
would also mention that on the following weekend, Shooter won the NBHA invitational at
Grove Springs. Second place in this stake went to Joker GSM for John Landolina. Joker had 3 finds in his brace. Diamond GSF for John Landolina was 3rd . Diamond had one find and two backs for his 30 minutes.

Amateur Derby
Six dogs were drawn for the derby stake. Jack, SM, handled by Rob Warner captured first place.
Jack had 4 finds and one back. Jack was always to the front and runs and points very stylishly.
Second place went to Sting SM for Eryn Pearson. Sting had one find and was very attractive
running and pointing. Eryn reported that Sting was only 7 months of age. The third place dog went to Pancho PM, owned by Charles Leonard and handled by Travis Patteson. Pancho had one find in his brace with a very attractive point.

Amt. Gun Dogs
Eight entries were drawn for the Gun Dog stake. First place was Hawk SM for Rob Warner. Hawk had 4 finds and 1 back for Rob. Lina RSF for Mike Fox took second place in the Gun Dog stake. Lina had 3 finds in her 30 minutes. Taking 3rd was Diamond handled by Myah Landolina.
Myah got Diamond around with one find and 2 backs. Myah is a youth handler and did a fantastic job handling Diamond. She also scouted for her dad in other stakes. We can look for her handling Diamond in future trials.

Amt. Puppies
The judges were very happy with the quality of the entries drawn out in the puppy stake. The placements were based on race and handling. Judging was based on the puppies going with the handler and staying to the front. Based on this criteria, Sting SM for Eryn Pearson was awarded the 1st place plaque. 2nd placement went to Queenie PF for Travis Patterson. Travis also picked
up the 3rd place plaque with Poncho PM. This puppy stake was filled with quality entries with a
lot of potential for the future.

The Central Prairies FTC would like to thank Purina Pro Plan and Gun Dog Supply for their support of our field trials. I also would like to thank our judges for their work on a day that was not so pleasant. Thanks to Rick Stanford for his work of putting the trial together. Hope to see everyone in the spring.

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