Terry Smith

Terry Smith from Salisaw, OK became one of the great supports of the NBHA. As a supporter and trial chairman of trials in his home state of Oklahoma, Terry found himself traveling to Percy Priest WMA in Tennessee each year. He not only supported the NBHA Futurity but went on to become the chairman of the NBHA Futurity. Terry was chairman for six years and this was during a time with record large numbers of nominations. This required a lot of time and paperwork to keep all the dog records current and up to date.

Terry was a strong competitor with the NBHA organization as he ran dogs in several different states and regions. Terry had a keen sense of breeding great dogs and developing puppies and derbies. Terry was the first to win the Jerry D. Kilgore Puppy Classic and go on the next year to win the NBHA Futurity with the same dog, as he did it with his pointer male Sequoyah.