Buddy Smith

Buddy Smith of Collierville, TN began his NBHA career with the NBHA organization when it first organized in the early 1980s. Buddy was successful early winning the NBHA Handler of the Year in 1987 with some 70 wins coming from 10 different dogs. While Buddy competed, he was one of the leading handlers each year in the NBHA organization. Buddy won RU in the NBHA National Open Championship twice in 1989 and 1990 with Admiral War Bond.

Buddy's most notable claim to fame is his development of the "Buddy Stick" as he spent many hours teaching folks and their dogs how to benefit from this training tool. With this tool he was able to start puppies and develop derbies with handle, great style, and intensity around birds. Many notable champions have been started out by using the Buddy Smith training method. One of the most famous that was started out by Buddy was National All-Age Champion Shadow Oak Bo.