Bob Catlett

Bob Catlett served in many capacities in the NBHA. He has been Second Vice President and an avid competitor. He has judged the National Championship as well as many horseback stakes. Bob has been involved in field trialing for many years and when ask about field trials was always a source of encouragement for others. Bob would much rather talk about the accomplishments of his dogs than himself. His favorite dog was Cat's Banjo Masterpiece, a white and liver pointer male which he received from Guy Divens in July 1983 when Banjo was three months old. Bob started running Banjo in September. He went over the hill one day and that was the last that Bob saw of him for almost eight months. At a field trial in Fontana, MO, Bob heard of a man finding a starved puppy at the Prairie Home Wildlife Area and Bob called, and sure enough it was Banjo. He drove 60 miles and paid the man $100 to get him back. The man told Bob that the dog was no good because every time he turned him loose, he just left. Banjo love to run and could do it all; although he never liked to back. At three, he was a successful shooting dog and amassed over 50 placements from 1986 to 1992.

Bob's devotion to NBHA and strength of character helped to solidify the state of Missouri as one of the cornerstones of the NBHA. The award for the Open Shooting Dog at the Missouri State Classic bears his name and the following inscription, "For the time, effort and leadership he has contributed to the NBHA and the sport of field trialing, let this trophy remind the owner of the high standard that man and dog should strive for."