Scott Miller

Scott Miller of Beaufort, SC and formerly of Miller, MO. Scott started his career handling and competing dogs in the NBHA trials in 1987. In his first year working dogs Scott was working along with Bob Crozier of Greenfield, MO and just a year later Scott was on his own.

Scott unique style of training and developing dogs would leave a lasting
impression that others would try to match. He would start with puppies and would develop them to the final product of class shooting dogs. His winning dogs were respected as some of the top shooting dogs throughout the United States at NBHA trials. Scott's dogs were noted for having the best style, as they always had great manners, were broke steady to wing, shot and kill. His dogs would retrieve on command and would back without command.

Scott won his first NBHA Championship in the fall of 1983 with a pointer female named Shasta Rail. If there was a term more fitting than opening the flood gates, that would describe the winning record that Scott Miller would amass the next several years. During a fifteen year period the NBHA Open Handler of the Year award was dominated by Scott Miller. He has trained eleven different dog that have won the NBHA Open Shooting Dog of the year award. At the time of Scott Miller's election to the NBHA Hall of Fame there are four dogs that are currently in the NBHA Hall of fame they are Honky Tonk Attitude, Fiddlin Rocky Boy, Honky Tonk Gigolo, and Attitudes High Finance. In addition L's Busy Bee will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the same time as Miller. All of these inductees were trained and or handled by Scott Miller.

By many field trialers Scott Miller has been known as the best trainer, handler that the NBHA has ever had.