Stan Wint

Stan Wint of Gardner, Kansas grew up in the heart of quail and pheasant country. Stan went to his first field trial that was hosted by the Midwest Missouri Bird Hunters at Grand River, IA in the fall of 1992 and placed his pointer female Popsickle first place in the Amateur Derby stake. From that time on, Stan became a participant, student, ambassador, and mentor to the sport of field trialing.

Stan's kennel would grow in size, as over the next 15 years there would be several dogs to emerge as winners and become champions. Stan reached out to professional trainer Scott Miller; who would help put the finishing touch on some of the top winning NBHA dogs of this era. Stans most noted dog was Honky Tonk Attitude, "Bull" became the trademark of Stan's breeding program and is still influential today in the pointer breed. Stan has had three of his dogs that he has owned and handled that has been inducted to the NBHA Hall of Fame, they are Honky Tonk Attitude, Honky Tonk Gigolo, and Attitudes High Finance. Other Champions that Stan had were Shadow's Attitude, Addition's Big Delivery, Honky Tonk Fantasy, Honky Tonk Highrise.

With Stan as a handler or Scott Miller handling Stan's dogs, Stan has acquired more that 340 wins with his dogs campaigning them all over the country in NBHA trials. Among his most noted achievements, Stan has won the NBHA National Amateur Handler of the Year award nine times. Stan is the only one that has won the NBHA National Amateur Championship three times with three different dogs, Honky Tonk Attitude, Honky Tonk Highrise, and Shadow's Attitude.

Stan held the first NBHA trial in the state of Kansas, and has chaired NBHA trials at all levels from local to national. As a judge, Stan has been there for the NBHA judging with many hours in the saddle at all levels from local to national events. Stan has judged many Horseback Shooting Dog and All-Age trials. Stan is the only one who started in the NBHA organization and has judged the Open All Age National Championship in Grand Junction, TN.

Stan has been a NBHA National officer holding positions as President, Secretary, and Treasure. During his time in office, Stan has help with negotiating the sponsorship contracts that help to financially support the NBHA, and Stan promoted and help fund the first computer system that the NBHA used to compile dog records. As President, Stan established the initial NBHA Hall of Fame inductee's and was able to acquire a booth in the Bird Dog Museum for display of these honors. A special Thanks goes to Stan Wint for his support and promoting the NBHA.

Elected to the NBHA Hall of Fame 2018