Glenn Cumbie

Glenn Cumbie of Fort Smith, Arkansas has been a faithful supporter of the NBHA for more than thirty years. Glenn grew up hunting quail and always had an appreciation for watching and observing a bird dog that possessed the traits of being a canine athlete. Glenn has always believed on improving the genetics to develop a better dog, and that is why he has been successful with his winning dogs.

Glenn feels fortunate to have his dog Redrock’s Addition Gal, “Kate” in the NBHA Hall of Fame. As well as winning the NBHA National Amateur Championship with her, Glenn has trained and handled many of his dog and placed in numerous NBHA trials for over thirty years.

Glenn has been the NBHA State Director of Arkansas for nearly twenty years and has served as President of the Westark Field Trial Club for more than a decade. Glenn has spent countless hours as Chairperson of Westark trials for many years providing much of the decision making on getting judges ,setting dates, completing all the necessary paper work, and scheduling the grounds at Blue Mountain Wildlife Area and at Camp Robinson Wildlife Area in Arkansas.

Glenn is always available to welcome a new face at a trial, invite new people and make sure they've had a good experience while attending. Glenn has stated, he knows that he has missed a lot of experiences of watching the dogs by not being able to ride a horse. One thing for sure is that NBHA has gained a great ambassador with Glenn Cumbie serving as a mentor to all.

Elected to the NBHA Hall of Fame 2020