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Nominated Litters

39th NBHA Futurity - 39th NBHA Futurity

Eligible Dogs : January 1 2023 - December 31 2023

Litters born after January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023.
Dogs from nominated litters are eligible to run in the 39th NBHA Futurity in the Spring of 2025.
Dogs are also eligible to run in the Jerry Kilgore Puppy Classic in the Spring of 2024

Litter Number 39-EP-01
Sire Superstition's Final Touch
Dam Rock Acre Lucy
Whelped Date May 4 2023

Litter Number 39-ES-01
Sire Courageous Highlander
Dam Lipstick'n Whiskey Promises
Whelped Date March 25 2023

Litter Number 39-ES-02
Sire Audubon Americus
Dam Circle B Burning Stardust
Whelped Date January 14 2023

Litter Number 39-ES-03
Sire Beaucoup Creek Buck
Dam Glover's Pepper Shaker
Whelped Date January 6 2023

Litter Number 39-EP-03
Sire Smoothrider
Dam Spectre's Streamliner
Whelped Date February 2 2023

Litter Number 39-EP-04
Sire BB's Street Sense
Dam BB's Last Minute
Whelped Date March 12 2023

Litter Number 39-EP-05
Sire BB's Street Sense
Dam BB's Blackhart
Whelped Date March 16 2023

Litter Number 39-ES-04
Sire Outcast Houston's Vision
Dam Outcast Starburst
Whelped Date April 27 2023

Litter Number 39-ES-05
Sire Boatright's Iron Eagle
Dam Outcast Stardust
Whelped Date May 2 2023

Litter Number 39-ES-06
Sire Emert's Grouse Ringer T
Dam Emert's Sho Me Patty
Whelped Date January 11 2023

Litter Number 39-EP-06
Sire Beeler's Texas Jig
Dam Western's Whistlin Dixie
Whelped Date June 6 2023

Litter Number 39-EP-02
Sire Hirollins Gone And Doneit
Dam Santee River Iced Crush
Whelped Date January 6 2023

Litter Number 39-ES-07
Sire Lmd's Can't Touch This
Dam Barado's First Lady
Whelped Date March 27 2023

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