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Nominated Litters

38th NBHA Futurity - 38th NBHA Futurity

Eligible Dogs : January 1 2022 - December 31 2022

Litters born after January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022.
Dogs from nominated litters are eligible to run in the 38th NBHA Futurity in the Spring of 2024.
Dogs are also eligible to run in the Jerry Kilgore Puppy Classic in the Spring of 2023

Litter Number 38-ES-01
Sire Woodvilles Yukon Cornelius
Dam Outcast Starbreeze
Whelped Date January 15 2022

Litter Number 38-ES-02
Sire Outcast Triple Vision
Dam Outcast Starfire
Whelped Date March 1 2022

Litter Number 38-ES-03
Sire Skydancer Skyview Ace
Dam Kenney's Irish Rose
Whelped Date January 3 2022

Litter Number 38-IS-01
Sire Zansett's Simply Red
Dam Come Back Stellar
Whelped Date February 13 2022

Litter Number 38-ES-04
Sire Penrosa Hidncash
Dam Shamrock's Tish
Whelped Date March 22 2022

Litter Number 38-ES-05
Sire Outcast Jericho Hilltopper
Dam Outcast Clear Vision
Whelped Date April 19 2022

Litter Number 38-ES-06
Sire Southern Swagger
Dam Money Moves
Whelped Date February 24 2022

Litter Number 38-EP-01
Sire Small's White Charger
Dam Bluemounds Mainstreet
Whelped Date March 22 2022

Litter Number 38-ES-07
Sire Brannigan's Last Straw
Dam Firebug
Whelped Date June 20 2022

Litter Number 38-EP-02
Sire Crouse's Heart Of Dixion
Dam Crouse's Skiptomylu
Whelped Date January 8 2022

Litter Number 38-EP-03
Sire Three Kansan's Takin A Chance
Dam Penny Markham
Whelped Date July 4 2022

Litter Number 38-EP-04
Sire Hey Mr Tin Man
Dam Snow's Rhiannon
Whelped Date January 11 2022

Litter Number 38-BS-01
Sire Biebel's Walt Longmire O'Callaghan
Dam O'Callaghan's Run Around Sue
Whelped Date February 8 2022

Litter Number 38-EP-05
Sire The Treasure Chest
Dam The Lady Ex
Whelped Date July 2 2022

Litter Number 38-IS-02
Sire Raintree Blue Moon
Dam Sunsetter Tiger Lilly
Whelped Date April 5 2022

Litter Number 38-EP-06
Sire Mac Rhoads
Dam Lacee Jane Elhew Blackhawk
Whelped Date March 1 2022

Litter Number 38-ES-08
Sire Ruehles Leer Jett
Dam Diamond L Islander Girl
Whelped Date January 10 2022

Litter Number 38-GS-01
Sire Melrose Praire Storm
Dam Milomix Rocky
Whelped Date February 16 2022

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