2012 26th NBHA Futurity

26th NBHA Futurity and Puppy Classic By Charlie Sackett Picture: Front Row: Bobby Phillips with Bob’s Elhew Jill, Gary Malzone with A Carolina Shadow, Bobby Taylor with Merritt’s Spud, Ed Cooley with Royal Return and Hunter King

Back Row: Charlie Sackett (Judge), Tim Penn (Judge), Oscar Whitt, Charles Aston, Ken Tolbert, Tony King, Mildred Taylor, Georgie Casey, Jerry Raynor and Les Neer.
Summer came early to the Midwest and Tennessee was no exception. Temperatures in the afternoons at the beautiful Percy Priest Field Trial grounds ran in the mid-eighties during the entire trial. However, most of the energetic derbies and puppies failed to let the heat dampen their enthusiasm. The NBHA Futurity was started by Jerry Kilgore with the help from others in 1985. Jerry is still active in the Futurity driving the dog wagon, providing the awards and keeping the trial running smoothly. He has been a mainstay at this event since its inception and his youthful attitude provides the driving force behind the event every year. In 2008, Tony King accepted the leadership duties of the Futurity assisted with help from his wife, Michelle, as it has become a large success. For the past 4 years, this week long event has proved to be on average the largest yearly NBHA combined stake.

The judges for the NBHA Futurity and Jerry D. Kilgore Puppy Classic were both from the state of Missouri. Tim Penn, from Edina, MO, was judging the Futurity for the first time. Charlie Sackett, from Liberty, MO, returned this year to help Tim judge. Both Tim and Charlie have a wealth of experience as bird hunters, NBHA, AFTCA walking and horseback trialing and judging. They also have a life long friendship and devotion towards championship birddogs.

Special thanks to the various individuals who helped to make this years trial a success;. they are Mr. Charles Aston, Bobby and Mildred Taylor, Tim Penn, Ken Tolbert, Oscar and Pat Whitt, and Brian and Georgie Casey. Many of these folks assisted in such duties as driving the dog wagons, fixing meals, caring for and planting birds and the overall logistics of running a smooth event. If I have left out any, I apologize.

Larry Wade, owner of the 2011 Puppy Classic Winner, Decoy Lakes Night Hawk, served huge, grilled pork chops with all the trimmings. Larry was assisted in preparing and serving this meal by Jerry Raynor and Doyle Hardison. The owners of last years winning Futurity and Puppy Classic hosted two evening meals. Brian Casey, owner of the 2011 Futurity Winner, Rocky Hollow Fire Cracker, hosted a delicious fish fry on Wednesday evening. During the Futurity supper, Brian, Georgie and their adorable daughter, Eva, were presented with a Peggy Sibley painting of their dog.

26th NBHA Futurity – 30 minute braces

1st brace- Merritt’s Bubba was picked up at 17 as he had his running shoes on that morning. Shadow’s Misty Lee had finds at 23 and 24. She was very stylish on point earning a spot as one of the standby dogs.

2nd brace – Oscar Whitt elected to pick up Slab Creek Jack at 24. Lone Pine Stick hunted a lot but ended his performance bird less.

3rd brace – Royal Return, handled by Ed Cooley, had a very nice find at 20 with interference from the brace mate and another nice piece of bird work at 29. Return had a wide race and good application earning this pointer female a spot in the call backs. Ketchikan was picked up.

4th brace – Produced two excellent derbies. A Carolina Shadow, handled by Gary Malzone, had two super finds combined with a wide race. Bob’s Elhew Jill, handled by Bobby Phillips, had a stylish find at 22 with a moderate ground application and an unproductive at 29. Both of these dogs were called back.

5th brace – This brace found Santee Runnin Ranger, handled by Jerry Raynor, always to the front with a stylish find at 15. Ranger’s brace mate Merritt’s Lucky, handled by Gary Malzone, had a good race and a find at 26. Both of these dogs were called back.

6th brace- Pinnacle’s Elhew Dream for Whitt had a nice at 19 but failed to produce birds. Moehill’s Carolina Nikki ran a very nice race for Jerry Raynor but also failed produce birds.

7th brace- This brace was highlighted by Bob’s Elrose Josie, handled by Bobby Phillips. This young female had two outstanding finds and a reaching race earning her a spot in the call backs. Her brace mate Palmetto’s Auctioneer (Raynor) also performed well with a divided find at 22 and a nice race. Auctioneer was named one of the standby dogs.

8th brace- During this 30 minute brace Bob’s Elhew Julie, handled by Bobby Phillips, had a nice find at 12 and with solid race in the heat. She was the third Phillip’s entry to earn callback honors. Her brace mate, Merritt’s Leo was out of pocket and picked up at 25.

9th brace- This brace was the top 30 minute presentation of the initial series. Merritt’s Spud, handled by Gary Malzone, ran as a bye dog with four outstanding finds, two beautiful relocations and a huge race. He was an automatic shoe in for the callbacks.

The one-hour callbacks were announced Tuesday evening at the Puppy Classic Supper.

The pairings went as follows:
Brace 1 Merritt’s Spud (Malzone) with Royal Return (Cooley)
Brace 2 A Carolina Shadow (Malzone) with Bob’s Elrose Josie (Phillips)
Brace 3 Bob’s Elhew Jill (Phillips) with Santee Running Ranger (Raynor)
Brace 4 Merritt’s Lucky (Malzone) with Bob’s Elhew Julie (Phillips)
Listed as stand-bys were Shadow’s Misty Lee (Oscar Whitt) and Palmetto’s Auctioneer (Jerry Raynor)

The 26th NBHA Futurity Winner came from the 3rd brace of the one hour callback series. Bob’s Elhew Jill for Bobby Phillips had six beautiful finds at 12, 24, 32, 38, 48 and 59. She was very polished on her game and her birds were right she pointed them. Jill ran a wide forward race with little need of a scout and was as strong at the end as she was on breakaway. Her brace mate Santee’s Runnin Ranger (Raynor) had a back at 12 and was picked up at 23.

Jill is one of Bobby’s beautifully made black and white pointer females out the very successful mating of Hobb’s Pete Rose and his female Bob’s Elhew Maggie. Jill was whelped January 2, 2010 and was the 3rd litter registered for the 26th NBHA Futurity. She was one his three successful female derbies from a litter that produced 3 females and 3 males. As one may have gathered from the brace by brace synopsis, Bob’s other 2 derbies Bob’s Elhew Julie and Bob’s Elrose Josie had strong 30 minute qualifier performances to make the 1 hour callbacks.

The Phillip’s Honey’s program is one of the countries finest and it exemplifies the Futurity process. Bob’s process is simple but strategic. He raises a litter approximately every 18 months out of his females which are proven on wild birds and in field trial competition bred to Championship caliber stud dogs. Bob typically keeps all the females that best define the characteristics and attributes he is looking for in a championship caliber class shooting dog and wild bird dog. Bob does all the work in raising, training and developing his prospects. Whenever the Phillips’ Honeys truck arrives at a trial, you know that Bobby will have his girls ready to compete.

A Carolina Shadow, handled by Gary Malzone for owner John Roswech , garner the second place spot with five nice finds at 28, 33, 46, 56, and 59 in the second brace of the one hour callbacks. Shadow had a strong forward presentation during his pursuit. His bird work was crisp and mature and he seemed to devour the country between finds. A four minute hang up in the woods and two minor absences during the hour separated him and the winner. Bob’s Elrose Josie (Phillips) was up at 8 for a breach of manners.

The third and fourth place dogs of the Futurity appeared in the first brace of the callback series. Merritt’s Spud, handled by Gary Malzone and owned by Terry Merritt, was braced with Royal Return, owned and handled by long time Futurity supporter Ed Cooley. Spud (Malzone) put down a solid forward race that started very strong and stayed consistent throughout earning him the third place honor. He suffered an unproductive at 4, but got back on track with a nice find at 31 and a divided find 39. Royal Return (Cooley) earned the fourth place spot with a solid one hour performance. This stylish white and liver female had a divided find at 39 and a nice find at 52 as her pursuit required little scouting. She was very snappy on the ground and stylish on point.

The fourth brace of dogs Merritt’s Lucky handled by Gary Malzone for owner Terry Merritt and Bob’s Elhew Julie for Bobby Phillips both started well but ended there bids with youthful mistakes. Lucky (Malzone) had a divided find at 32 but was picked up shortly thereafter. Julie (Phillips) had a nice find at 10, a divided find at 32 and was also picked up at 40.

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