The National Bird Hunters Association Mission

The National Bird Hunters Association is a group of dedicated bird hunters interested in the development and competition of class foot handled bird dogs. The organization encourages fair competition, sportsmanship and the enjoyment of the outdoors thru fellowship with like minded bird hunters who share our interest in field trialing bird dogs.


Souithern Regional Championship results

Posted on : Sunday January 29 2023

Winners of the 2023 NBHA Southern Regional Championship:

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NBHA Southern Regional Championship

Posted on : Monday January 16 2023

NBHA Southern Regional Championship "CORRECTION" Entries to Sharon Gunby, Correct phone number is (404) 392-4666, this event is scheduled for 1/27/23

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NBHA National Invitational Amateur Championship results

Posted on : Monday December 26 2022

This year's National Invitational Championship was held at the Sportsman's Association grounds in Grovesprings Missouri. This year's Championship had 12 outstanding dogs. Wisconsin was represented the strongest with 6 dogs making the journey South. We had 4 make it to the call backs Sunday with 2 on standby these dogs did an outstanding job to qualify for this trial and I hope they are all happy with their decision to compete. This year standby dogs would not be called back. Congrats for making the call back to Dale Creek Tothe Max English Setter male O/H John Dlobik, and Royal Rocks Lotta Hardcash pointer male O/H Mike Roper.

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