AG Preserve Field Trial Cub

The third annual NBHA AG Preserve field trial festivities started the morning of February 28th with a well organized and performed training seminar done by Hall Of Fame trainer John Rabidou of Uodibar Kennels and his trusty assistant Payton Gunby. We would like to thank John for travelling from south Texas to share some of his knowledge on birddogs and Payton for her hard work on putting it together and making sure things ran smoothly. Thanks also to Dave Walker for making the drive down from Forsyth, GA to join Mr. Rabidou in the judicial seat for the weekends trial. Finally the AG Preserve trial could not be possible if not for Darrell Gunby and the Gunby family. Mr. Darrell has put a lot of time and work into making his 700 acres of South Georgia heaven better each year and for years to come. The assistance of his wonderful wife and three daughters did not go unnoticed for their work with meal preps each day and the beautiful job they done on “The Winners Circle” setup. Drawing seventy dogs to run in two days was all because of yalls hard work and we all want to say thank you!
The Winners
First stake on the cards to run was the Amateur Derby. Taking the blue was a fast setter female by the name of Twolip who showed her speed and class on the ground along with connecting on two nice finds for her handler Jim Broadnax. Second place was a setter male named Rex who was also handled by Jim Broadnax. Rex had a nice consistent front running race and two finds as well to help him earn the red. Third place went to a little snappy setter female named Candy. Candy and her handler Bart Whitmire went around the course with one find and a medium range front classy race.
The Amateur Shooting Dog winners podium started with a pointer female named Betty taking the blue. Betty had three beautiful finds and a strong front running race for her handler Chelsie Conroy. Second went to Blitz, a German Shorthair male handled by Lindsay Cumming. Blitz showed his style and speed on the ground along with connecting on two finds. Rounding out the winners was a German Shorthaired female named Lucy. Lucy had a fast forward race and a find to get her and handler Doug Miller into the top three.
To give the judges a rest and time to tend to their animals before dinner, Jacob Huckabee and Daryl Thomas Jr took over the judges seat for the Amateur Shooting Dog (Judgment Ceases at Flush) stake. Fourteen dogs were drawn for the stake with the blue going to a snappy pointer female named Amy and handled by Mark Wyatt. Amy had four finds and really showed what her abilities were. Second place went to new comer Donnie Dubose and his setter male Shade. Shade had 3 nice finds and hunted all areas he needed to in the front. Third place was a setter female named Pepper. She had three beautiful finds and also was every where she needed to be for handler Bart Whitmire.
Sunday morning started with the Open Puppy. The top three placements showed all potential needed to make it to the next step. Blue went to a pointer female named Dolly for her handler Karl Forseberg. Second was a pointer female Mary handled by Dr. Jim Crook and third went to Snow a pointer female handled by Daryl Thomas Jr.
The open derby winners started with a big orange and white male named Bill. Bill had a classy and strong front running race with a gorgeous find to help him take top honors for handler Daryl Thomas Jr. Second went to a fast moving and classy pointer female named Belle handled by Oscar Whitt. Belle had two beautiful finds along with a long forward race. Third place went to young Handler Jasmine Denmark and her pointer male Bo. Bo had four nice finds and a classy front running race. The smile on the young girls face shows that we will be seeing a lot more of the dynamic duo.
The Open Shooting Dog which drew fourteen dogs but had to be cut short due to severe weather that had moved in. Fortunately we were able to run enough braces to get three placements. Taking first was a mature setter male by the name of Money. Money had four beautiful finds and a classy front running race which put him at the top for handler Oscar Whitt. Second was a German Shorthair male named Avery who was handled by Jacob Huckabee. Avery and Jacob went around the course with three well mannered finds and a strong front running race. Finishing up the top three was Blitz, a German Shorthair male. Blitz had two nice finds and front running classy race for handler Lindsay Cumming.

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