NBHA Open National Championship 2019

2019 NBHA National Open Championship

The NBHA returned to the incredible Coffee Gap grounds of West Tennessee for the 2018/2019 renewal of our National Open Championship. The West Tennessee Field Trial Club has been in existence since the early 1900’s and some of the largest and most storied field trials in history have been ran over these grounds. Not to mention a who’s who of field trial royalty that grace the walls of the clubhouse and many times are part of the crowd at evening happy hour.

There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude to Blake Kukar, Bill Currie, Dr. Gene Spiotta, Gene Spiotta, Ross Callaway, and all of the West Tennessee Field Trial Club for their generosity, help, and for providing such a quality venue to run the National Championship. They went above and beyond every single day and in every way to make this event a great one. These are truly special people who go out of their way to provide everything we need to make this trial work. Every single participant that ran a dog over these grounds absolutely raved about this championship, the grounds, the people, and how they hope that it continues to be THE venue for the National Championship for years to come. We 100% agree with them.

Special thanks also to our judges, Derrick Layne and Brad Hargis. Both men know a championship performance, were impartial and helpful to all participants, and rendered a decision that was well received by all. They are also the kind of people you enjoy having around - honest, straight, and fair. Big thanks also go out to our sponsors. We couldn’t do what we do without the amazing support of Purina Pro Plan, Garmin, Gun Dog Supply, Mule Brand Clothing and Gun Dog Central. Thanks to you all.

National Championship running:
Brace 1 broke away at 8:07 A.M. with Indian Creek Bocephus, Malzone and Smith’s Magic Mike, Smith. Bocephus finished the hour with 2 finds and Mike was picked up on course.

Brace 2 broke away at 9:22 with Beaucoup Creek Gus, Heisner and Dale Creek Resurrection, Waite. Both dogs were up early.

Brace 3 broke away at 10:05 with Hi-Fives Passin Time, Malzone and Scannon’s Stella, Waite. Passin Time finished the hour with 2 finds and Stella was picked up.
Brace 4 broke away at 11:24 with Jaguar Za Czeshka, Lear and Indian Creek Courageous Cat, Malzone. Czeshka finished the hour with 5 finds and Cat finished with 3 finds.
Brace 5 broke away at 2:01 with Dale Creek Gypsy Queen, Waite and Crow Creek Sugarbaby, Black. Sugar finished the hour with 2 finds and Gem was picked up.
Brace 6 broke away at 3:16 Lambeau’s Koby, Melvin and Beaucoup Creek Buck, Heisner. Koby finished the hour with 2 finds and Buck finished with 4 finds.
Brace 7 broke away at 4:34 with Hidden Hollow Sammy, Waite and Brown’s Miss April, Melvin. Sammy was lost at time and April was picked up.

Day 2.
Brace 8 at 7:36 with Peach Twist, Robinson and Dale Creek Roxy, Waite. Both dogs were up early in their brace.
Brace 9 broke away at 8:15 with Emert’s Show Me Mo, Melvin and Zansett’s Simply Red, Waite. Mo finished with 3 finds and Red with 2 finds and a back.
Brace 10 broke away at 9:36 with Black River Ruby, Melvin and Pure Confidence, Malzone. Ruby finished with 2 finds and Confidence finished with 5 finds.
Brace 11 broke away at 10:49 with Blair Witch Project, Waite and Indian Creek Perfect Storm, Malzone. Guy finished with 3 finds and Storm was lost on course.
Brace 12 broke away at 1:32 with Heavy Chevy Jason, Melvin and Crow Creek Deuce, Black. Jason finished with 5 finds and Deuce was picked up.
Brace 13 broke away at 2:52 with Come Back Stella, Melvin and Dale Creek Cuppa Jo, Waite. Jo finished with 1 find and Stella was picked up.
Brace 14 broke away at 4:04 with Brown’s Ace, Melvin and a bye. Ace finished the hour with 3 finds.

After the completion of the initial series, the top dogs were announced for the callback and drawn.

National Championship callback dogs:
Pure Confidence, handler - Garry Malzone
Black River Ruby, handler - Sean Melvin
Indian Creek Courageous Cat, handler – Garry Malzone
Blair Witch Project, handler – Tom Waite
Standby dogs:
Hi-Five’s Passin Time, handler – Garry Malzone
Dale Creek Cuppa Jo, handler – Tom Waite

National Championship callback brace 1 with Pure Confidence, Malzone and Black River Ruby, Melvin. The brace broke away at 1:01 with both dogs hunting to the front. Pure Confidence had an issue and the handler picked him up early. Ruby did a nice job on the ground, was credited with four finds and finished the 1 ½ hours.
National Championship callback brace 2 with Indian Creek Courageous Cat, Malzone and Blair’s Witch Project, Waite. The brace broke away at 3:00. Both dogs ran the country with style and purpose. Guy put down a strong, forward ground race for the entirety of the brace, always found standing on the front end of the course, and with perfect manners on his six stylish finds. Cat put down a strong effort on the ground as well and was perfect on her four finds. Both dogs finished the 1 ½ hours.
The standby dogs did not receive the call to the line as the judges had what they wanted for placements.
After a short break, the winners were announced, and the winner of the 2019 NBHA National Championship was Blair’s Witch Project, handled by Tom Waite and owned by Greg Blair. Guy laid down two strong back-to-back performances to win the trial. 4xCH/RUCH Blair's Witch Project - "Guy" is a seven year old, black and white son of CH GF Witch Dr.,out of a daughter of CH Barker's Blue Jett. Guy is now a 3x NBHA National CH and has won field trials in the grouse woods as well as off horseback. He has pointed wild quail, grouse, woodcock, sharptails, huns, prairie chickens and pheasants. He is a true wild bird dog with a great personality who is always willing to please the handler.
Runner Up was Indian Creek Courageous Cat for Garry Malzone and owner Ed Marron. Cat is a first year dog that is continuing the winning ways from her derby season where she won the NBHA Futurity and was the National Open Derby of the Year. She is an exciting dog to watch on the ground with tremendous style and poise around her game.
Working around the initial series and the championship callback, open derby and open puppy stakes were ran. There were many fine performances and many great handlers, including Bird Dog Hall of Fame and NBHA Hall of Fame member Buddy Smith. The young dog stakes are always exciting and a great place for young and old handlers alike to participate in a trial.
National Open Derby winners were:
1st Rose Hill Becca – owner Steve Stuart and handler Sean Melvin.
2nd Brown’s Moonshine – owner Andrew Brown and handler Sean Melvin.
3rd Erin’s Hollywood – owner Sean Derrig and handler Garry Malzone.

National Open Puppy winners were:
1st Performance Blue Shadow – owner Jim Reece and handler Justin Crook
2nd Ransom’s Pearl – owner/handler Buddy Smith
3rd. Fast Money – owners CW and Patty Moore and handler Justin Crook

We would like to thank Blake, Bill, Ross, Marty, and all of the people of the West Tennessee Field Trial Club for the fabulous grounds, facilities, and assistance with making the trial a success. We look forward to continuing running championships at West Tennessee! If you are a bird dog fan, you will thoroughly enjoy the country and people of Danceyville and should make every effort to attend a trial there. It is a GREAT place to watch a dog roll!

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