NBHA Regional Outreach Committee

Outreach Committee for Individual and Club Interest

The purpose for this committee is for individuals or clubs who are interested in participating in NBHA trials to have someone who is welcoming and willing to assist in by providing greater information that may lead the interested club or individual (“seekers”) to a better NBHA experience. Those who are active on any social media networks will be extremely useful when “seekers” have nowhere to turn and are searching for assistance. Our goal is to communicate with these seekers and attempt to provide guidance that will make their transition smooth, friendly and welcoming.

Committee Members were selected in Regions to provide in-depth knowledge to direct the seekers in the proper direction, hopefully connecting with a local club, or assisting in hosting NBHA trials. Because Region Committee Members are active, NBHA participants, you are the best opportunity for a comfortable and welcoming encounter. No one is expected to have all the answers to the potential questions a seeker may have, but you will be able to assist far beyond their expectations, which immediately creates a positive image about you and the NBHA as a whole.

I ask each of you to monitor social media platforms for those asking questions of how to participate; and who to contact. Facebook seems to be a great outlet for birddog conversation at the present time. While surfing Fb, should you see anyone asking questions concerning NBHA, please try to assist, even if you respond by advising… “contact Daryl Thomas Jr, in the Southern Region for additional questions”. Include Daryl in the conversation so he is notified of the seekers interest. Anyone within the Committee can help even if outside their Region, however the specifics within a Region will most likely be more accurately answered by a Regional Committee Member.

Suggest seekers to visit www.nbhadog.org to explore our website for current information, trials dates, rule book, and many other items the website has to offer. Should you encounter a question that you don’t know the answer, feel free to reach out to someone else on the NBHA Executive Board or other Regional Committee Members for assistance. We are all volunteers of NBHA, and supporters who make the NBHA the best walking dog organization in the USA.

Just after the Annual Meeting we posted the map on Fb indicating new Regional growth and the States we have expanded to. This announcement generated great “buzz” and interest. Anyone outside this Regional mapping area is still welcome to host an NBHA event and will need to coordinate with someone on the Executive Board for assistance. We will soon again post another outreach on Fb with the Regional map that will also include your contact information so seekers will know who to contact should questions arise.

Thanks again for volunteering. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by myself and other NBHA Board members.

Regional Contacts:
Southern Region (LA, MS, AL, GA, FL):
Daryl Thomas Jr - C) 229-255-9347 Email: [email protected]
Eastern Region: (SC, NC, VA, MD, DE, NJ):
Warren Parrott – C) 843-598-1962 Email: [email protected]
Western Region: (TX, OK, KS, CO, NM):
Shane Bevel – C) 940-206-3572 Email: [email protected]
Central Region: (AR, TN, KY, WV, PA):
Gary Vitali 859-351-1266 Email: [email protected]
Midwest Region: (MO, IL, IN, OH, NE):
Georgie Casey – C) 618-638-2952 Email: [email protected]
Northern Region: (WI, IA, MI, MN, SD, ND):
Mike Roper – C) 608-235-3346 Email: [email protected]

Executive Board:
President: Bruce Mercer - 470-345-6369 Email: [email protected]
1st Vice President: Ken Black - 309-360-8675 Email: [email protected]
2nd Vice President: Jacob Starnes - 316-210-9491 Email: [email protected]
3rd Vice President: Shane Bevel - 940-206-3572 Email: [email protected]
Secretary: Tim Penn - 660-341-1165 Email: [email protected]
Treasurer: Ray Brown - 270-816-2235 Email: [email protected]
Futurity Director: Bruce Mercer, or Brian Casey – 618-638-2996 Email: [email protected]

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