NBHA National Amateur Invitational Championship

The NBHA National Amateur Invitational Championship held forth on Tallgrass Farms in beautiful eastern Kansas with a gratifying entry of the top NBHA Amateur handled dogs from the 2008-2009 field trial season. Judges Paul Roederer and Roger Duncan named Wild Covey Heatwave, powerful pointer male co-owned by Jason Kemna and Tony King of Missouri champion after a well executed four find performance. Tony handled while Jason scouted their charge to the balanced hour of edge running. Tim Penn’s winning setter male Pennrosa Knox was named runner up with a reaching five find effort that came in the next to last brace of the trial. Numerous coveys of wild birds were moved along with liberated birds along the wild life haven that is Scott Crawford’s Tallgrass. A large and appreciative gallery watched the proceedings as handlers came from as far away as Texas, Oklahoma and southern Illinois to compete. All entries had multiple opportunities on birds making for exciting braces throughout.

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