CCFTC "WOW 72 Entries @ Weekend Event"

We had a great time at this event held on October 17-18, 2009. Held on the "Bush Ranch" in Lagarnge, TX. Land Owner Pat Bush is gracious to allow us to hold events on he ranch. She's a wonderful supporter of dog events and has great ground to really show yor dog (even places for them to hide). Some parts are open with objectives and water is within ten minutes of each pond. Great for keeping the dogs cool in the lovely Texas heat. Still can't believe the entris of 72 dogs. The scary part was how are we going to run all of these dogs in just two days?
A special thanks to Matthew Rafferty, Shawn Rowan & Family, Bill Anderson, Adrain Jackson, Steve Schiber, Kim Ochoa, EJ Hall, Mike Wheat, Sidney Bertrand, Russell & Bernice Farrow, Ron Hancock, Mike Gordon, Tom Daigle (new to our game this year), and all the folks who entered dogs, participated, and help lend a helping hand. The Open Puppies & Amateur Shooting Dogs had to be run on two different coarses at the same time and a special thanks to Bill Anderson & Kim Ochoa for Judging this to get all of the stakes in before dark set in on us.
There was great dog action. All of the winnerers were well recieved and the trial results have been posted on the NBHA event pages.
Sorry its taken so long to post the news.

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