2009 Western Regional Ch.

Just one week before one of biggest rivalries in sports, the OU/Texas game, Okies and Texans came together for their love of the sport of gentlemen field trailing. I would like to thank all of the people that helped with this yearís N.B.H.A. western regional championship (one of the best & most fun field trials that I have had the privilege to be a part of). Thank you to Bob & Paula Caffey, Jerry Meyers and Ken & Melissa Sauer. Thanks to E.J. Hall & Kim Ochoa for planting the birds. Most of all; to our judges Tom Milam & Mike Griffin for three long, wet days in the saddle. Without all of you this would have not been possible.
The Running:
October 9th was a cold and wet day as the first brace came to the line, KCís Shrimpboot aka. ďKarlĒ (Ken Sauer) and Raffís EL Lobo (Bill Anderson), two of this week favorites. Sauerís called point at 18 with a nice find at the top of the hill, Ken put the birds in the air all was well ; Karl made a big cast at the front and around the side of a big mot, but did not come out. The scout was sent out and Karl was on point again. Ken looked hard for a bird but could not find one, so he gave his dog the OK to relocate, or as we like to call it, "The SAUER Move". As we have all done before, Ken did not flush right in front of his dog. Karlís bid for this event was ended by none other than THE HANDLER. Bill had a find later in the race that did not go his way.
In the 2nd brace was Robertís Hill Bingo (Butch Roberts) & Daytime Delivery (Keith Forman). Roberts would pick up after one find at 30 and two unproductives. Forman picked up at 23 for movement during the flush.
On to the 3rd brace, Fort River Molly (Gary Tavares) was running too big on this day and was lost. Big Ike (Bill Whittaker/Tim Wright) had bird work and was the first dog to finish on this day, but just didnít look like himself.
In the 4th brace was KCís Blackrose Rose (Ken Sauer) & Go For Broke (Bob Caffey/Robert Dardenne), these two dogs would have problems on their birds and would not finish the brace.
For the 5th brace, Two Bars Blue Rooster (Ron Hancock/Bill Anderson) & Grey Point Espada (Doug Meyer). Rooster had three finds but did not have the race that it would take to win this weekend. Espada was lost.
The 6th brace/race would find your 2009 N.B.H.A. Western Regional Champion Robertís Hill Bootie (TY Sparks/Tim Wright) along with Hobbs Silver Belle (Keith Forman). These two dogs shot off the line like a pair of rockets. It was obvious within the first 10 minutes that we would need a lot more land for the pace that was being set. At 13 Bootie was on point with Belle backing, these two dogs had lots of style as the birds were flushed. Bootie was pointed again at 17 with all in order. She was released and would shoot to the front. We would see these two again on the other side of the pond, with Bootie on point and Belle with one of the prettiest backs weíve ever seen. At 40 Belle would now have her turn to show us her class on birds, and at the same time Bootie scored birds again. Both dogs handled their birdís with style and intensity. With 20 minutes left these two would take use to parts of the grounds that we had not yet seen or would not see again in this trial. It was a great finish to the first day of running.
The next day up in the 7th brace was Sparks Will Fly (Ty Sparks/Tim Wright) & Hard Rappin Duke (Allen Worth). Tim would pick up his pointer female after she bumped birds, and Allen would finish with 1 unproductive.
In to the 8th Brace was Bout Time (Mike Harris/Bill Anderson) & Texas Time ďTexĒ (Cy Cattan/Ken Sauer). The pointer male, Bout Time, would find birds at 18, 20, 32 & 40, but not have the type of race that the judges were looking for. This would not be Kenís week and he would pick up after Tex moved on a bird putting it into the air.
In the 9th Brace we would find your R/U Champion, Trailís End Terminator (Jerry Meyers) braced with DuíMore Gigolo Cruz (Sean Snyder). These dogs had a divided find at 17, but Sean got his dog and moved on, leaving Jerry and Terminator with the birds to them self. After a long flushing attempt and a relocate, Terminator would find the bird that had moved on him. Terminator would point again at 27 with Cruz backing, then with all in order they would move on. Cruz would be picked up after jumping in on birds at 30. Terminator would go on to have a unproductive at 30 and two more finds at 45 and 50 showing lots of style and hunting desire.
In the 10th was Farís Rowdy man (Mike Harris/Bill Anderson)& Hard Rappin ďSarahĒ (Allen Worth). Rowdy Man ran a good race with 2 finds and 2 backs, but also had 2 unproductives. Sarah ran a good race and made Allen proud with 7 finds and a good back. This little setter female would make anyone sit up in the saddle.
The 11th brace was KCís Superman ďBudĒ (Ken Sauer) & Grey Point Gladiator (Doug Meyer). Bud on his first find after making it to the first creek crossing was pointed down in a bottom. Bud couldnít stand it and reared back and put them into the air. These two dogs would not finish the brace.
The 12th brace was two old bird finders, The Valedictorian (Bob Caffey/Robert Dardenne) & Honky Tonk Cinch (Ty Sparks/Tim Wright). Each dog would have a nice covey find, with Cinch having 3 more finds, and Valedictorian having 1 more find and 2 backs. These two old timers would put down a strong race but not moving what had already been posted.
The last two braces started on Sunday the 13th and had Traderís Sugar Knole Rock (Keith Forman) with Rapperís Rappin Rambo (Allen Worth).
In the 14th was Robertís Hill Cinch Mark (Ty Sparks/Tim Wright) and Trailís End Dolly (Bob Caffey). All 4 of these dogs were picked up early in their braces.

We all had a lot of fun at Ardmore (home of the hairy cougars). I would like thank all of the women that help make it happen. From feeding the dogs when weíre on the road to preparing lunches at the trials, field trial men have some of the best woman in the world! I would also like to thank our sponsors, Tri-Tronics, Black Gold Dog foods, and Christie Enterprises.

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