Jim Hoy

Jim Hoy served as a First Vice President since the inception of the NBHA organization. He became the second National President in 1984 and when he took the reins of the organization, he kept everything right on track for his term as President; the next three years. Jim started with the NBHA when it was running unrecognized field trials and ran some of the first ads in the American Field which helped gain recognition. He organized the states of Indiana, Illinois, Florida, and Georgia. Jim was one of the original three members of the Championship Committee. This committee was made up of three people - Dan Smith, his wife and Jim. There was an agreement with the late Bill Brown of the American Field that a Championship Committee would be appointed and it would be the responsibility of that committee to travel to each state to inspect and approve the field trial grounds where a championship would be held and to help to set the standards for that championship. It was felt that it was extremely important to have a unified standard of competition throughout ass of the regions of the NBHA in its early going. His integrity and hard work helped to bring the organization together at a national level.