Gene Swadley

Gene Swadley of Cassville, MO served as NBHA National President for two years, 1995 to 1997, and was instrumental in securing a dog food sponsorship agreement thru Sam's and Walmart. This sponsorship was a great financial gain for the NBHA. Gene also took great pride in the establishment of the NBHA Free-For-All Championship, as he chaired or co-chaired that event from its beginning up to 2002. Gene has served as NBHA 1st Vice President for eight years, 2nd Vice President for one year and 3rd Vice President for one year. Gene has held the office of Vice President for the Missouri State Bird Hunters Association for many years, and was one of the charter officers of the Springfield Bird Hunters Association, and served as an officer for the Joplin MO Bird Hunters.

Gene has graciously spent many hours in the saddle judging field trials at all levels. He has judged the National Open Derby, Both the National Open and Amateur Invitational Championships, the National Amateur Championship, Numerous Regional Championships and State Classics, as well as countless number of weekend trials.

As a handler Gene competed with both pointers and setters, and claims that he never had one that was favored over the other. However he was fond of his Hillbilly Chism (PM) that he competed with as he placed 25 times in 27 attempts.

Gene's dedication and work commitment to the NBHA has helped the NBHA to grow and continue to be the leader in walking field trials. For the many years that Gene has participated and worked for the NBHA he has been a true friend to all field trialers that he has meet. One of Gene's favorite sayings is "In 100 years from now it won't matter".