Hoppy Hopson

In the late 80's and early 90's, if a picture of the winners in a field trial in the NBHA was taken, one most likely found Hoppy Hopson in that picture. In 1989, he won the National Open Championship with Ch. Hack's Repete. In 1991, he won the National Futurity with Evolution Button Bud.

In 1990 he won the National Open Invitational Championship with Evolution Hack. In 1991, he won this prestigious stake again with Ch. Chinquapin Million. To get an idea of Hoppy's dominance of the sport as a competitor, one need only to look at the 1991 National Open Shooting Dog Championship. Three of the six call back dogs were handled by Hoppy Hopson, Evolution Trademark, Evolution Hack, and the eventual winner, Bayou Rail. Hoppy was extremely competitive well into his 70's and his physical toughness, his eye towards a classy dog and his ability to achieve a higher level of training helped to elevate the status of the NBHA in the birddog world.